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Can Educational Apps for Preschoolers Be a Way of Learning? Find Out…!!

When it comes to the future of education, apps are certainly considered as ‘The Next Big Revolution.’ Since they are interactively designed to be efficient and insightful, a question does pop-up in everybody’s mind. Can educational app be a way of learning?

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MR PICK IT - Best Vocabulary App for iPhone and iPad

Learn new words every day with MR PICK IT (a Process to enhance learning skills)  one of the best vocabulary apps for children to learn English vocabulary in a fun way. This is the perfect app to help your kids learn spelling, grammar and vocabulary—and have fun doing it. Available for iPad & iPhone visit website to get the download link. Download now!

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Insightful and Free Educational Apps for Toddlers to Learn Arabic on iphone

Arrival of smartphones has resulted in the beginning of smart learning where free educational apps for toddlers have paved a new direction for insightful learning in a playful manner. Mr. Pick It, with their best app to learn Arabic iphone, sounds a perfect way for kids to explore Arabic vocabulary. Read More Visit Website:


Mr. PICK IT Arabic App Help Kids with Good Reading and Math Skills

The unique facet of Mr. PICK IT Arabic vocabulary app is in its different learning stage, which develops a keen interest in learning more. The key highlights of Mr. PICK IT Arabic vocabulary apps for iPhone are:


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See How an Interactive App Can Help Your Kid Learn While Playing

Since we all are attracted towards smart gadgets, we thought why not use them to bestow early childhood education. And who are we exactly? We are MR. PICK IT, an emergent technology-based learning notion for toddlers.

Best Kids App to Learn Arabic for iPad & iPhone

Wondering how to learn Arabic fast? Download MR PICK IT an Arabic learning app for kids comes with English to Arabic translator. This is also one of the app for kids to learn how to write the letters of the Arabic alphabet on the App. Available for the iPhone & iPad. Download Now! http://mrpickit.net/

Educational Games For Kids, Install For Your iPhone TODAY!

Turn your kid’s smartphone addiction into a learning pillar. The mobile savvy world also dominates the minds of our children. But what if we tell you that we have a solution to this problem? You might reconsider the ‘addictionof mobile phones’ in your children; as it may turn out to be a solution. Mr Pick itis definitely the right kind of app that answers all your kid's educational problems.

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Best iPad & iPhone Educational Apps for Toddlers

If you've decided to make digital media a part of your toddlers' lives, you can extend their learning by using MR PICK IT APP. This app is designed for beginners and non Arab students who need the basics. It helps your kids in learning alphabets, alphabets in words, build your vocab and learn how to use what you learned in application. This app is available for iPad & iPhone. Download now!

Educational Games for Preschoolers Is Shaping Their Intellectual Thought

Learning becomes enjoyable when you add a little bit of fun to it, and this is exactly where online educational games for preschoolers come into action. One cannot deny the fact that pre-schooling is an age to confer your kid with the right kind of values, morals, and teaching which eventually makes them a better person tomorrow. know, What Young Child Gain from The Educational Games? https://bit.ly/2M81gOu

Vocabulary Games App for Middle School Makes Learning Absolute Fun

What is the best way to make your kid’s learning experience fun? Which exercise can promise a great result in a shorter time? Discover the educational knowledge of vocabulary apps for your child, so that you unlock key to a happy parenting while they unbox a way of learning while having fun!

Learn Arabic with MR PICK IT Download Arabic Learning App for Kids

Children pick up languages quickly, and with our new MR Pick It iPad & iPhone App your children will learn Arabic easily and quickly. This app is a complete tool to develop early reading skills in Arabic. Try it now download from iTunes.